9 February 2021

Purposeful travel

As we are looking forward to being able to travel more freely a topic that keeps popping up is purposeful travel. The hiatus of travel for most of us has given us time to reflect. In essence, more people are consciously making the decision to travel to an area where they can make a positive contribution to local communities, or contribute to the preservation of natural environments and cultural heritage, whilst learning and further educating themselves with this experience.

One of the benefits from being more involved in communities is getting to know them and having more of an understanding and realizing that essentially the core values of most humans are the same. We have the same priorities. Food, shelter, comfort and care. In gaining an understanding of diverse cultures and environments it may change pre-existing thoughts or stereotypes.

Purposeful travel may also mean mindfully planning and saving up both leave time and funds in order to take a longer trip to a destination further away which may have a once in a lifetime experience. We recently took the opportunity to travel to Mafia Island, off the coast of Tanzania, to see the seasonal appearance of Whale Sharks. This was a rare opportunity to experience a Marine Biologist-led swim with these gentle giant sharks. Funds from visitors contribute to ongoing research projects, marine park conservation as well as being given to the local host communities as an incentive to protect the whale sharks.

In Tanzania, there is plenty of opportunities to benefit the local community through travel. Entrance fees paid to the National Parks ensure care and preservation of these areas and rangers to conserve and protect the precious wildlife. Ongoing research is also supported not just by the parks but also by some of the private safari companies.

Get to know our people while on safari by lending a helping hand in the communities that support your travel experience. We have carpenters on the property who are able to build school desks which you may pay for and donate to the school of your choice. This needs to be pre-arranged, as we need a few days to build the desk.

Visiting communities and engaging whether it is just a day visit or as a longer stay helps generate some income for these communities and encourages entrepreneurial small and medium business development. It is also fascinating to learn about the diverse cultures in Tanzania and the customs and traditions that bind these communities.

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Gibb's Farm Purposeful Travel in Tanzania
Gibb's Farm Purposeful Travel in Tanzania

We may all be travelling less going forward but it will be more mindfully and with a purpose to benefit not just ourselves but the host communities.