A sanctuary for the senses

Each day at Gibb’s Farm follows a gentle rhythm. Discover a sanctuary for the senses to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. A destination in itself and sanctuary for safari goers, take time to immerse in the sense of wellbeing at Gibb’s Farm.

This historic organic farm and family coffee plantation covers over 80 acres on the forested outer slopes of the Ngorongoro Crater. Share in the eternal sense of history and community with two-family houses and seventeen cottages.

A sense of history

Generations of local families have helped to create a truly authentic, serene and memorable experience embracing traditional East African hospitality.

Established in the early 1900s by a German Duke as a coffee plantation, founders James Gibb and his wife, Margaret bought the farm after World War II and established our farm in the 1970s, the oldest guesthouse in northern Tanzania.

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A sense of community

Gibb’s Farm has a deep and meaningful connection to the diverse communities and cultures of East Africa.

Through our personal relationships, cultural programs and conservation efforts, we help to preserve the history, stories, artwork, medicine and ways of life of the Iraqw and Maasai as well as the surrounding natural environment.

Community Projects

A sense of environment

As a model for sustainable and environmentally respectful practices, we work to continue the legacy of our founders Margaret and Jim Gibb through projects including solar energy, community upliftment and organic farming.

Operation of the entire organic farm—consisting of 30 acres of coffee, 10 acres of vegetables and fruit, 5 acres of flowers and herbs and a working dairy and pig farm—is based upon sustainable farming methods. Everything is grown organically using only natural fertilizer and compost from the farm. Each thing we do is a step towards creating a sanctuary for the senses, where our guests, our team and our animals feel nourished and content.

Sustainability Projects