30 January 2020

10 Swahili phrases to learn before you visit us

Learning a local language is the ultimate way to show you care about the people and their culture. Imagine arriving at our farm’s gates and greeting our staff with an enthusiastic  “Jambo!” We guarantee smiles all around.

Gibbs Farm Tanzania Welcome

We all know that the most famous Swahili phrase is ‘Hakuna Matata,’ made famous by the Lion King. We have compiled a list of 10 phrases to learn before you visit us that will help to break the ice.

Gibbs Farm Tanzania Swahili Phrases

10 Swahili phrases

Karibu – welcome
Jambo – hello
Habari? – how are you?
Asante – thank you
Nzuri sana – very good

Nzuri sana – very good
Nzuri – beautiful
Tafadhali – please
Badai – see you
Kwaheri – bye bye
Safari njema – enjoy your trip

Even a little Swahili goes a long way, and most Tanzanians will be thrilled to hear visitors attempt to use any Swahili at all.