Farm Life Experiences

As you unwind and relax amidst the peace and tranquility of Gibb’s Farm you may wonder what lies beyond our uninterrupted panoramic views. To allow you to fully experience the rhythms and beauty of the farm, community and nature, Gibb’s Farm offers a variety of activities, adventures and opportunities to rejuvenate. Whether you wish to relax and recharge, explore the diverse natural surroundings or learn more about the local culture and traditions, you have many experiences to choose from. Guests receive a copy of Rhythm of the Farm, a schedule and description of all of the interesting activities that may be experienced throughout the day on the farm. In addition to special daily activities, we offer the following on and off farm experiences.  

Dawn Chorus

At dawn a chorus begins
Sit on your veranda with coffee or tea at dawn as the birds begin their morning song. What begins as a single note crescendos into an incredible cacophony of music. Click here to download our bird list.

Morning Bird Census

Over 200 species of birds each season
Gibb’s Farm is home to over 200 species of birds each season, and each year a few new ones are observed and recorded. Avid birders are encouraged to join our naturalists for an early walk around the farm to observe morning birdlife for census and behaviour, and contribute to any new sightings. For a complete list of birds, click here.

Bread Making

Join our baker in the morning
Join us for our early morning bread making ritual. What could be more fun than baking bread, and of course sampling it hot from the oven?

Vegetable Harvesting

Join us on our daily harvesting
Join in the laughter and banter as the chefs go about their daily ritual of harvesting fresh organic produce from our vegetable garden, to be enjoyed at lunch or dinner time.

Coffee Roasting

Fresh Gibb's beans roasted daily
Experience traditional coffee cultivation and roasting, just as it has been done for generations. Enjoy the aroma and taste of a cup of wonderful organic, fresh-roasted Arabica coffee each day at the main lodge.

Afternoon High Tea

Relax in the gardens
Indulge in the simple pleasure of afternoon tea in the garden, on your private veranda or in the main lodge. Enjoy Gibb’s Farm organic Arabica coffee and teas, accompanied by freshly baked cakes and tea biscuits.

Garden Sunset

Time to take in this sanctuary for the senses
As the African sun descends into the valley, enjoy the spectacular view of the golden rays spilling over the carefully cultivated rows of coffee and the East African valley beyond. Surrounded by terraced flower gardens and ancient trees overhead, you will find yourself transported to another time and place.

Tembo Fire

Fireside briefings
The evening begins here for many guests, with a glorious sunset accompanied by a refreshing drink. Complementing the relaxed mood, our naturalists and traditional healer share stories about primates, Iraqw culture, elephants, traditional medicine, Maasai legends and tales of tribal folklore.