Gardens & Estate Forests

Eight gardens have been restored or established to attract bird and insect life, and to provide a natural respite from the rigors of safari. You will discover a vast array of tree and bush species, many indigenous to East Africa.  Botanical artist Riziki Kateya has catalogued many of the plants, a few of which are unique to Gibb’s Farm. There is also a tree nursery where hundreds of young saplings are grown to encourage the growth of native tree species in the area.

  • Herb Garden: The kitchen herb garden features over 10 indigenous varieties and the formal English herb garden contains a variety of ornamental herbs.
  • Cactus Garden: Features 15 varieties of cactus, relocated from other areas of the farm.
  • Flower Garden: Over 200 species of birds have been sighted at Gibb’s Farm, many of which are attracted by the flower garden, originally planted over 40 years by Margaret Gibb.
  • Rose Garden: A small part of the original floral inventory included 15 species of roses. These have been returned to their first location among the oldest cottages and expanded.
  • Margaret’s Garden: A small garden that retains its original design and content.
  • Medicine Garden: Medicinal plants are freshly gathered and harvested from the Osero Forest Clinic’s medicine garden for use in traditional cures and treatments.
  • Trees and Shrubs: Over 60 species grow within the farm.
  • Ornamental Flowers: Nearly 200 species are represented; an exhaustive list is currently being completed.