Refuse Disposal

Gibb’s Farm recycles or disposes of all waste onsite, so that no solid waste is placed into the surrounding community waste stream. Our responsible disposal practices include:

  • 100% of kitchen and food waste are either fed to farm pigs or composted for use in the organic gardens.  Cottage and kitchen fireplace ashes and pig and cow manure is added to the compost system.  Many of the flower and vegetable plant cuttings are also composted.
  • Most plastic breaks down in ultraviolet sunshine.  After a few months the bottles are broken and buried in an 80-foot pit, specially designed for non-toxic material.
  • Glass wine bottles are stored in bulk and donated to various causes, such as a small NGO where handicapped artisans recycle the glass to make jewelry.
  • Tin cans are flattened, burned and placed in the 80-foot pit.  Odd bits of metal are reused in construction or sold for scrap.
  • Miscellaneous items such as light bulbs and metal spray cans are placed directly into the 80-foot pit.  The rest is burned and buried.
  • Paper is burned, and either added to the compost system or placed in the 80-foot pit.
  • Recycled motor oil is collected and used to prevent insect damage to building cladding.