Organic Foods

For over 27 years, Gibb’s Farm has practiced sustainable, environmentally-respectful farming methods. The farm has won numerous awards, including the Tanzania Tourist Board’s 2011 Sustainable Tourism Award.

Everything on the farm—30 acres of coffee, 10 acres of vegetables and fruit, 5 acres of flowers and herbs and a working dairy and pig farm—is grown or raised organically with no harmful pesticides and only natural fertilizer and compost.

  • Fruits and vegetable: 90% of the fruits and vegetables we serve are grown right on the farm. We raise many varieties, including 50 types of vegetables, 13 kinds of fruit and 15 different herbs.
  • Dairy: Our herd of 10-20 cows provides organic milk for farm guests. When they are not being milked, the cows graze in the nearby estate valley, Namnyak.
  • Meat: Cattle and pigs are fed farm kitchen and food waste, and feed grown on the farm or in nearby villages.
  • Coffee: 30 acres of rich Arabica coffee are organically cultivated. The beans are cleaned and roasted right on the estate.
  • Honey: Over 20 hives are located throughout the estate to provide healthy, delicious honey.