Gibb’s Farm is a model for sustainable, environmentally-respectful practices, continuing the legacy of founders Margaret and Jim Gibb. The farm has won numerous awards, including the Tanzania Tourist Board’s 2011 Sustainable Tourism Award, Condé Nast Traveler magazine’s World Savers Award and the Educational Travel Community’s Responsible Tourism Award.

Operation of the entire organic farm—consisting of 30 acres of coffee, 10 acres of vegetables and fruit, 5 acres of flowers and herbs and a working dairy and pig farm—is based upon sustainable farming methods. Everything is grown organically using only natural fertilizer and compost from the farm. Insect-repellant plants help to manage pests, rather than harmful pesticides. Reclaimed water is used whenever possible, and all buildings and furniture are built onsite using local materials and local labor.

Our sustainable, responsible practices include:

  • 90% of the food served is grown on the farm.
  • 100% of grey-water is recycled.
  • 90% of our hot water is heated using solar power.
  • All glass bottles are broken down and recycled, or used in building foundations.

The Green Living Project has recently documented the sustainability practices of Gibb’s Farm, which can be seen in the video on the right.

Gibbs’ Farm is also a Condé Nast 2012 World Savers Award Finalist. The honor recognizes Gibb’s Farm outstanding contributions to education, ecology and health initiatives in the local community. Read more here.