Farm Walks

There is perhaps nothing grander than the peace and solitude of a walk or nature outing to restore one’s well-being and discover the wonders of a new environment. Gibb’s Farm offers many different walks, depending upon your interests and activity level. All activities can be booked at reception with all departure times on request.  

Around the Farm

This young one is called "Ricky" Experience a real working farm as you explore our organic 10-acre fruit and vegetable gardens and 30-acre coffee fields. Try your hand at milking a cow and learn about our sustainable farming methods.

Garden Walk

Beautiful flora and fauna of Gibb's Stroll through eight historic gardens with our horticulturist who supervises the care of hundreds of species of flora and who tends to the aromatic herb gardens. It is a tour through a natural history museum; many plants have been here since 1959, when Margaret Gibb, an avid gardener, planted the first seeds. This 40-minute leisurely walk is truly a breath of fresh air.

Indigenous Medicinal Walk

Collecting herbs on the farm Indigenous Maasai healers lead you through the Ngorongoro Forest, where you will hear about Olemoran, Olaiyapiyap and Osinoni—just a few of over 20 medicinal plants described on the walk. Commonly used in Tanzania to treat health problems, these and other herbal medicines are used at Gibb’s Farm.

Ngorongoro Forest Walk

A chance to hike in the forest A Gibb’s Farm naturalist is your guide for this tranquil two-hour walk through the farm and into the Ngorongoro Forest. Your senses will come alive with the sights and sounds of farm life and the flora and fauna of the forest.

Village Walk

  This leisurely two-hour walk around our neighbouring village of Tloma provides a personal look at Tanzanian village life. You will discover the true essence and traditions of rural East African village life.