Community & Cultural Experiences


One of our many artists-in residence

Through Gibb’s Farm’s artists-in-residence program, East African artists stay at the farm and create commissioned artwork. Meet some of East Africa’s most talented artists, learn about their influences and inspiration and watch them create their artwork, which is available for purchase.

Cultural Journey

A chance to meet a neighbor

Outing to Tloma, a nearby village, where you have the opportunity to meet a local family and learn about Iraqw culture and traditional ways of life. Discover the age-old process of making pots, try your hand at pounding grain and taste the local brew.

Helping Hands Safari

Get to know a culture and people while on safari by lending a helping hand for the communities that support your vacation or travel experience.  Gibb’s Farm offers different opportunities to get involved, including:

School Desk and Furniture Carpentry

Building desks for our local school

Contribute a few afternoons working alongside our farm carpenters to construct school furniture, distributed through the Karatu Education Fund. At area schools, three to four children typically share one desk, so new furniture is always appreciated. A very rewarding way to participate in village life and support children’s education.

Erosion Control Tree Planting

Giving back to nature

Hundreds of young tree saplings (predominantly native species) are grown on the farm as part of an effort to help control erosion and reforest the environment. Over the last 15 years, much of the farm’s estate forests have been restored through this program. Join us on an excursion to transport young trees from the farm nursery and plant them in community schoolyards and other environments.

Karatu Town Tour

Visiting a local market

A tour of Karatu, where you will visit various businesses such as the market, a local bar and hair salon, and observe daily life in this African town.

Tloma Primary School Visit

Meeting the local students

Meet the students and teachers at Tloma Primary School, and learn firsthand about the successes and challenges of education in rural Tanzania.