World Savers Awards 2012: Finalists

Courtesy of the Condé Nast: Daily Traveler website. For full article, please click here

Since 2007, Condé Nast Traveler has handed out our annual World Savers Awards to travel companies that are powerful forces of change within their industries. These are companies and hotel properties that excel in various categories: some contribute positively to local communities, some are active in environmental issues, some even protect wildlife.

Gibb’s Farm
 Karatu, Tanzania

ABOUT THE COMPANY: A resort and working farm where guests can relax between safaris in Tanzania’s nearby Serengeti National Park and trips to nearby Ngorongoro Crater,. Nearly 100% of the organic cuisine comes directly from its backyard.

HOW IT’S GIVING BACK: Gibb’s has the largest solar panel array in northern Tanzania, but its conservation efforts make it really stand out. Gibb’s preserves more than 30 species of trees, and 200 species each of flowers and birds. The naturalists on staff will help you identify them.

ONE MORE SURPRISE: Gibb’s believes in furthering East African culture. Its Osero Forest Clinic—one of the first in East Africa to integrate conventional medicine and traditional Maasai practices—provides primary care for more than 500 locals.