Our Community

Gibb’s Farm has a deep and meaningful connection to the diverse communities and cultures of East Africa. Through our personal relationships, cultural programs and conservation efforts, we help to preserve the history, stories, artwork, medicine and ways of life of the Iraqw and Maasai, and the surrounding natural environment.

Generations of families have been an integral part of Gibb’s Farm—95% of the farm’s 130 full-time employees are from the immediate community. Gibb’s Farm provides education and training opportunities to promote leadership skills and lifelong learning. The farm sponsors employees’ healthcare, providing primary healthcare to employees and their dependents. In 2006 we built an onsite clinic, the Osero Forest Employee Clinic, the first to integrate indigenous medicine along with allopathic health care.

Gibb’s Farm hosts an artist-in-residence program. Each year, East African artists are invited to live and create their artwork at the farm, including fine art commissioned for the farm’s collection. Guests have the opportunity to meet with the artists to learn more about their inspirations and influences, and may also purchase the artists’ work.

Gibb’s Farm’s team of naturalists and guides engage guests in safaris, walks and cultural programs, providing the opportunity to learn more about local traditions and customs, geology, biology and indigenous medicine. In partnership with Ngorongoro Conservation Area Administration (NCAA) and other groups, the farm helps to protect the forest reserve and wildlife.
In addition, Gibb’s Farm:

  • Supplies year-round drinking water to people in the surrounding communities and maintains roads to ensure safe passage.
  • Serves as model for sustainable, ecologically sound practices, such as growing crops without pesticides, using organic fertilizer and building using sustainable materials.
  • Sponsors Mazingira Bora Karatu (MBK = a better environment for Karatu) a conservation group that promotes environmental awareness, plants native trees and rehabilitates degraded lands.
  • Supports the Karatu Education Fund (KEF) to build and restore education facilities, improve the quality of learning and support healthcare and environmental preservation projects such as student visits to national parks and reserves to increase awareness of social and environmental issues. www.karatu-edfund.org.

Because Gibb’s Farm is so intimately involved in, and aware of, our natural and social environments, we are pleased to share current initiatives and developments with you. Many of our guests become involved in local projects, donating money, goods or time. Visit www.karatu-edfund.org to learn more.